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Aureliano Torres – Alicante

Aureliano has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance sector, with particular emphasis in the areas of trade and corporate finance. His technical skills are complemented by extensive cross-border and multicultural credentials as a consequence of having lived and worked in a number of markets, including, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal and Spain.

As a senior executive of several financial institutions, including Spain’s Banco Santander, Aureliano has been heavily involved in facilitating trade and investment flows between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and between Asia and Latin America. He has led multicultural teams that have assisted companies of all sizes and across a very broad range of sectors to enter new markets, contributing to the preparation of feasibility studies, the development of strategic business plans, the sourcing of funding and the overall fulfillment of client objectives.

Aureliano has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements that are essential in order to successfully operate in markets as diverse as Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other key markets in Latin America.

His outstanding skills in organizational definition, development, management and control are complemented by his fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan, and his understanding of the cultural elements of operating in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets.