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Without local guides, your enemy employs the land as a weapon against you.


Sun Tzu, The Art of War


About Us

Blanco Partners is an independent advisory group focused on the markets of Australia, Latin America and Spain, and has a passion for helping clients do business in these markets that sets it apart and underlines everything that it does.

We know these markets very well and our Partners have been engaged over many years in facilitating increased cross-border corporate activity between Australia and Spain, and Australia and Latin America. As the investment flows between these markets have grown, our Partners have assisted companies of varying sizes and from a wide variety of sectors to successfully make the jump from one market to another and to expand their operations.

Our involvement has covered areas as diverse as market evaluation, strategic planning, selection of local partners, negotiation advice, legal structures, sourcing funding and dispute resolution, amongst others. We have also provided significant value by assisting in the building of relationships at the highest levels, both in business and government circles.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed by building close, long-term relationships that combine an in-depth understanding of their business and corporate objectives with our detailed knowledge of how business is done in these markets.

Our clients understand the importance of having the right advice when entering or operating in unfamiliar markets and appreciate that each market is unique, and that success is not guaranteed simply because you speak a language or have been successful in other markets. In constantly evolving markets, our clients value our ability to provide them with insightful advice, access to key decision makers and in-market representation tailored to their individual requirements.

We work with clients to identify, evaluate and execute business opportunities, by bringing to the relationship our specialist knowledge, skills and connections. We make doing business in these markets easier.


We measure our success by how well we serve the needs of our clients, focusing on those countries, sectors and products in which we have differentiated knowledge and skill. We seek to work with a select number of clients so that we can guarantee that all of our work is of the highest quality and we are committed to acting with integrity, establishing trust and achieving excellence in all that we do.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to continually improve ourselves and from the fact that we take great pride in our work.


Clients receive hands-on attention from Partners and associates who have extensive expertise in their respective fields and a track record of doing business in the markets.

Our sector coverage includes mining, energy, infrastructure, financial services, agribusiness, IT, hotel and leisure, and services generally.


Our Partners and associates have extensive connections in the markets and are therefore ideally placed to provide clients with access to a network of customer, regulatory and industry relationships in each of them. The advantage that we offer is based on the combination of what we know and who we know.